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Lock seeding files (poss. scripting help needed)


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Hey guys, I have a quick question.

Short story: I want to disable a script from deleting files that are still seeding. If there's a feature in utorrent that enables me to lock the files it's seeding that'd be great!

Long story: When I download some rars, I run a script to extract them, and I've written another script to clean up the rars, but I want it to only delete the rars that are no longer needed (no longer seeding)

The executed command is simply del *.r* in every download folder

Need some help :) Since utorrent locks only the files it is actually uploading, so that's mostly only a couple out of say 50 rars it's seeding. Then after running the script, I end up with utorrent giving me a red x saying "files missing".

EDIT: Solved the problem. Added a simple move command to the script; when this command succeeds the dir isn't in use; so it moves the directory back and deletes the rars inside.

Looks messy, but works perfectly fine (and fast!). Thanks for looking.

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