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Port is open, Firewall is OFF and still slow DL...


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Oke so i reinstalled XP since my Firewall was f'ed up.

Now i got my XP reinstalled everything is fine.

I turn off my Firewall and then it said my port was open.

I even added uTorrent to the exception to just make sure.

Now check this screenshot for my speeds at DLing...


It is amazingly low!

Even if i turn off my ESET Smart Security completely it doesn't change a bit.

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Bad settings, probably hostile ISP (Chello in NL), pretty much hostile (in-)security program (ESET Smart Security).

Try 1st and 2nd links in my signature...and test with ESET Smart Security UNINSTALLED.

(You may need/want to activate Windows Firewall while testing for security reasons.)

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