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Re-Checking Moved Files


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I tried a torrent search but couldnt find an answer to this question..

Its happened on many torrents, ive got utorrent to move the files into a folder upon competion so that i can sort through them easily, when they are in there they seed fine and a re-check will show a complete file, but if i move it to another folder and then try and seed from there on numerous occasions it says its not complete (in most case it will drop from 100% completion to 95-98% but on one occasion it dropped to something like 8%), copyin the original files and replacing the "incomplete" ones has no effect but changing it back to seed from the original location works fine..

any help? this would save me a lot of space because i dont need to keep doubles of anything.

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maybe that wasnt clear enough

ive got utorrent set to:

put incomplete files in c:\unsorted

complete files in c:\complete

when i download music for example the folder name doesnt match the format i have for all my other albums and ive got a drive specially for stuff like that so when its done i move it, but if i still have seeding to do it means i end up with duplicate files or cant move them right away. So for space saving reasons i would like to move the folder and then have utorrent seed the files from there but every time i try this it says its incomplete and wants to download small pieces of some files again. Because this happened when i first used utorrent and changing from azureus i decided to keep a copy of the original files in my complete folder so if there are any probs i still have the originals and could try again.

The last download i moved was an album, in utorrent its 100% complete and seeds fine.

I stop the torrent and point it to the copied folder on my other drive and it says 98.9% complete and theres a couple pieces missing from some files.

I then try copying the files that are showing incomplete from the original download and do a recheck but the same files are incomplete.

But when i point the download back to the originals it says 100% again.

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I'm experiencing the same problem, I download to C:\utorrent on download complete it copies to D:\Utorrent (this is an external hdd, my "junk" disk everything i download i keep there, my way of organizing :P) but when it's transferred and I want to open a rarred file, winrar gives me an error, so I do a forced re-check and then there's pieces missing, the completion % drops to about 95%-99%, my worst drop is to 86.7% on 2.2 gig file. On a 700mb file it isn't that much but on a full dvd5 it's much more. With previous versions of uTorrent I never experienced such problems (using it since 1.1.2). I'm not sure if it's because of the transfer or a version-specific problem.

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