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very little download speed after reinstalling windows xp


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alright, so i had to reinstall windows xp pro after i messed up something, and after getting everything back to my likings, i see that my download speeds for utorrent have been cut down by a lot. i cant remember exactly what it was on a speed checker before, but i would normally get 150kbs in utorrent. and usually 2 to 3 gb per night.

i just did a speed test now and my down speed was ~93 and my up was way up in the 600s (580 once, 680 a couple times after)...

lets see, what else... my ports are forwarded properly, the light is usually green but i can still only get 5 - 10 kbs max. (when its yellow or red i can usually get 0.1 if im lucky) ive tried lots of different downloads with lots of seeds and also that slackware linux thing the site suggested and still, very slow. im using ActiveArmor Firewall plus windows firewall and it says utorrent is allowed. i tried enabling the output in utorrent and also forcing it.

the only thing i can think of what might be bad is a TCP Optimizer program that someone suggested i use which changes the registry, but i dont really know for sure.

can anyone help? do you need more info?

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Is your ISP hostile to BitTorrent traffic?

(Many have changed their policies on BitTorrent over just the last year alone.)

What settings are you using in uTorrent, as shown by the Speed Guide (CTRL+G) screen...and any advanced settings you've changed?

1st and 2nd links in my signature for more in-depth troubleshooting...

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