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file missing when 2 torrents sharing one file...


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Do the following to trigger this bug:

1.upload a torrent via webui(called old .torrent)

2.when download completed, add another torrent in utorrent(called new .torrent),uncheck start torrent(these two torrents download same file to same directory, only tracker and hash differs, I use this to seed one file in multiple private trackers sites)

3.force re-check the new .torrent, it will say 100% finished

4.start the new .torrent, the old .torrent will report error: file missing (the file is still there, and used by new .torrent)

to solve this:

1.right click the old .torrent

2.advance--set download location...everything goes normal again

this bug maybe related with webui, I'm using WebUI 0.361 on utorrent 1.8.2.

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