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Torrents stop browsing.


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Alright, so this problem has forced me to stop using torrents and invest in a rapidshare account.

Whenever I start up any torrent client (utorrent, vuze, bitcomet, you name it) my web browser can no longer contact any website, nor can it connect to the control panel in my router. All other internet services remain unharmed (Ventrilo, steam, MSN). If I set my upload and download speeds to 0 I still cannot browse the web, this is stopping the clients from communicating with the trackers. I am on Virgin Media (20mbit/s line), with their modem and a NETGEAR RP614v2 router. Everything works perfectly on my dads PC it is just on mine that this occurs.

I am running Vista Ultimate (64 bits) and the port is forwarded correctly from my router and firewall is not blocking the clients.

Please help me fix this problem, I miss torrents :(

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I have the same kind of problem.

when a torrent client is started, i can't access internet anymore with other application (browser, msn, irc...) and all client on the router are disconnected as well.

I have a Netgear DG834G V2.

Using windows vista (was the same with windows xp)

i think ports are well forwarded

firewall windows / nod32

I'm starting to think it's a router problem, thinking of buying a new one if there are no solutions. Any good router that don't interfere with torrent or p2p ? thk you ^^

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