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100 mbit upload


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I am not sure if I have a problem or not... but I hardly ever achieve 100 mbit upload speed. After doing several speed tests on the net I end up in around 90-99 mbit upload. Through Utorrent however, I usually upload in 1-4 megabytes per second, usually 1-2 megabytes per second. I once saw my upload speed around 7 megabytes per second and that is VERY RARELY! If I have calculated correctly I should be able to upload in 12,5 megabytes per second... A bit less I guess bit it's still far from 1-4 megabytes per second..

I wonder if there are any better network tweaks in uTorrent for 100 mbit uploaders.

My current settings are:

Upload limit: 0.0 kB/s (unlimited)

Connections per torrent: 250

Max active torrents: 25

Upload slots: 100

Connections (global): 1000

Mac active downloads: 25

This is the default xx/100 mbit settings, though I realized that if trying to re-set the settings again would give Upload limit 10.9 MB/s - still nowhere near my capability!

Any suggestions? I would happily change any setting to get more upload speed!

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12.5 MiB/s is a theoretical limit. In reality, most lines never reach those speeds despite being rated 100mbit/s. Too, there is a ton of overhead involved in BitTorrent, and you'd be lucky to get close to 11MiB/s actual data upload.

Don't forget that BitTorrent is a P2P protocol, meaning that you're reliant on how quickly other peers are downloading data from you.

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Hello and thank you for your reply.

I am aware 12,5 megabit is the theoretical limit and I know that speed also depends on the peers and on all the routers going their way. I was just hoping that someone had some tips on how to tweak my connection settings in uTorrent that would allow me to _potentially_ use more of my available bandwidth. I assume the bottleneck here is the amount of peers that are connected to me, so theoretically I should be able to raise my upload speed a bit more by increasing the amount of peers that should be able to connect to me per torrent - correct?

So I'm a bit confused when it comes to "Connections per torrent" and "Connections (global)". Is the "Connections (global)" some sort of "maximum connections" option, if I set let's say... Connections per torrent to 500 and Connections (global) is set to 1000 and I have five torrents in my seeding list with 500 connected peers each torrent (a total of 2500 connections), would all the torrents be enforced to even out the number of connected peers to match Connections (global) setting so in this case it would be 200 connections per torrent (I know peers are different each torrent but this is just an example =))?

Once again, thank you for your support and thank you for one of the best, if not the best, torrent client on this planet.

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3rd party program, TCP Optimizer...get it and READ ITS FAQ *TWICE* :P before using it.

Your own networking software and hardware may be effectively bottlenecked below 80 megabit/second. You will have to do research and testing to find the bottlenecks and remove them.

My settings guide (2nd link in my signature) suggests more active torrents at once than uTorrent's normal (CTRL+G) one.

If you have global max connections set to 1000, then once current total of peer+seed connections reaches 1000 uTorrent won't allow more. It will NOT drop existing connections though if you LOWER global max, but many tend to be short-lived (less than 5 minutes) anyway. uTorrent quits making outgoing half open connections for peers/seeds sometime BEFORE reaching global or per-torrent max.

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Thank you for the information Switeck, I shall look up that TCP optimizer and see if that's something I would like to use and I am not so sure it's my own hardware/software(other than uTorrent) that's causing a bottleneck, I do after all achieve 90-99 mbit upload on speed tests!

I'll check out that second link of yours :).

And thanks for the heads up about global connections!

Once again, thanks :).

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