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Webseeds, How to and what way is best to stop DEAD torrents?


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Hi, after a lot of trial and error I managed to get the webseed feature to work on utorrent.

I created a directory called webseeds on my server so now while I am creating a new torrent using uTorrent

I can add-- h**p://myserver.com/webseeds/ --in to the webseeds field and that works for multi file torrents

like a TV series as long as the folder name/s that my series is in is identical to the folder name/s that I upload

to my Apache server.

If I don't seed this torrent the webseed will take over when a leacher attempts to download but the file

appears dead as bittorrent trackers do not see the webseed as a peer so I have to seed it, or

no leachers will bother trying to download a DEAD torrent.

If i do seed the file then more often than not the leecher's utorrent still seems to prefer to download from

my utorrent and not the webseed so I still always have to seed everything or they become DEAD on the

bittorrent tracker site which in most cases makes the torrent either invisible or deletes the torrent

depending on the tracker and its configuration.

My server bandwidth limit is 7500GB or 7.5TB per month and I only use less than 1GB so that leaves

a potential 7499GB per month or 242GB per day left for webseeding but I don't know how to get the

leechers uTorrent client to choose the webseed as a peer

I considered opening the torrents in uTorrent and pausing them but I am told that after a couple of

announces it un-pauses its self from uTorrent 1.7 onwards and old versions of uTorrent no longer seem

available for download from uTorrent.com

Has anyone any suggestions about how I can get over this problem?

check out my new site to see what I am seeding on my own at the mo,

you don't need to register to browse it http://fastbitz.com/browse.php

Alternatively if I was to add the web seed to a torrent that is already on my tracker could i do it by going to

the torrent properties/Advanced/Web seeds in utorrent would that webseed the existing files so i dont

have to re-make and upload all 100 of them?



in answer to my second question after leaving it running for a day it appears that adding the web seed

to an existing torrent through the torrent properties dose not make it web seed to other users unless i

am doing something wrong

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i have created a snapshot of the recommended free downloads on my site and with all the free torrents I want displayed in html and then saved my new page as a.php so thr free ones will never go invisible from that page

it looks so close to the real thing that no one would ever know the difference.

none of the php eliments really work, i just marked them all as good health

check out http://fastbitz.com/free.php to see what I mean

I had to do it this way as although my site looks like a TbSource or TbDev site, it is actualy purchased code

and was ioncube coded by the developer, xam so his work won't get stolen so I can't see or edit the php code within it

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Hm...? Just a few points to note...

- Webseeding doesn't require tracker support

- The server at the URL being down is just like a peer who isn't online

- The file at the URL no longer existing is just like a peer who no longer has the file

- The content not passing a hash test is just like a peer sending a hashfailed piece

In these respects, webseeds don't behave all that differently from normal seeds :S

scruff's problem is related to the fact that even though webseeds are supposed to be perpetual seeds to guarantee at least 1.0 availability, they aren't really meant to be downloaded from continuously as if they were regular HTTP downloads. There needs to be some load balancing done to ensure that webseeds doesn't end up getting bogged down by BitTorrent requests (which would go against what BitTorrent was meant to do), and that's essentially why µTorrent doesn't use the webseed over and over.

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> - Webseeding doesn't require tracker support

I think his question was more about how do you make trackers show there is 1 seeder if the only seed is a web seed. Is there a way for the Bittorrent client to act as proxy for the web seed and report there is 1 additional seeder?

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