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"Port" light Red/Yellow/Green random behaviour...!?


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The widely discussed port forwarded yes/no/maybe light: let's shine another light on this matter because I still cannot can't figure some things out. I am definitely not a novice with computers, had a PC for a while, and now own a Mac for about an half a year. Which I'm very happy with. I thought I completely sussed it with port forwarding, I found out that a setting in my Airport Express to Activate NATPMP needs to be on to have perfect download/upload speeds with various applications I am evaluating, including uTorrent. Then no manual port forwarding is needed, which is very handy because I travel a lot with this MacBook Pro and like to continue downloading when I'm somewhere else.

While T'ansmission and X'orrent behave stable with steady on speeds all the way to the max. available from the ADLS line, which is 600k-700kbyte/s so pretty good and nothing to complain about, the speeds I get with uTorrent are very unpredictable. One moment it can be very good, and another moment the whole thing looks like canooing in maple sirup. The color of the "light" is even more unpredictable. Usually it starts with yellow, than becomes red, but in rare occasions it becomes green and stays green.

When I do port tests with the mentioned weblinks on this forum to check if the ports are open, they are always "closed", although I have a feeling that they are still open but not when you knock on the door from the outside. Which I do not object at all! This sounds just a bit more secure than wide open ports.

I would really like to stay with the automatic NAT port mapping, and use in each of the 3 programs this particular setting. I like uTorrent a lot for it's user interface and great speeds - thats to say in the past, when I still used a PC! With the Mac, using, uTorrents performance it is pretty dissapointing. Perhaps this is already wellknown and fixed in the real 1.0 version but I hope this will improve soon.

Any information about what's going on is much appreciated. Thanks, CP

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The only black holes I knew of where outer space... I all ready saw a few at close range! :)

I am using the firewall in the Mac indeed. I cannot tell if the hardware firewall in the ZyXEL modem is on... I am on tour. But like it is right now, I have been downloading at FULL SPEED, with the Mac OS firewall on and using UPnP on the router and NATPMP, for the last half a year with other bittorrent programs without any problems!! And a "green dot", so an open port, similar as the dot in uTorrent.

The Apple Airport's settings are pretting basic, only one vital setting NATPMP on/off.

So the point is, while other programs do fine on this Mac, with uTorrent no guaranteed open port/green dot and no guarateed speed... WHY O WHY?

At this moment I deinstalled uTorrent for a while, which is really a shame, because I do like the user interface a lot. I check up on this program in a couple of months to see if it has improved with the port thing....................... Till then and happy downloading, CP

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