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µTorrent 1.8.3 beta 15619


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I'm using 1.8.3 build 14715 and I'm having the memory issue even after setting bt.transp_disposition = 5.

I've restarted utorrent after changing config (just to be sure.)

The problem occurs even if you are only seeding.

I only have 2 seeding torrents (no downloads since the restart) and I'm seeing a memory spike of 1 MB/min on average.

Memory usage is normal (~15 MB) as long as no torrents are active.

The memory usage during my seeding session - (126 MB and increasing) after 2 mins of running reduced to 60 MB when I stopped seeding and didn't go back to 15 MB.

I hope this helps.

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Hi All,

I have been experiencing the same fault as you regarding Windows 7 and the memory leak on uT V 1.8.2. I have tried all the suggested fixes / workarounds and none of them stopped the problem. All apart from 1 that is! In one of the responses Richard Choi suggested to upgrade to 1.9 alpha


This build is not for general release were told. However, it has certainly cleared up the memory leak! I have been running it all day today without any issue to report.

Hope this helps some of you before you tear out any more hair!

And a big thanks to Richard for his suggestion. You have saved my premature folical loss!!

Cheers all,


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I posted these in the IRC channel yesterday, but will post them here again, for completeness, and because IRC log searching is a pain, if people even keep them.

Torrent machine is a 1ghz athlon, XP, 384Mb ram, and the recheck was for a 45Gb torrent on a network drive.

cache was 0 of 0 for reading, and 0 of 23Mb for writing.

I first noticed the leak and took a screenshot then terminated the client and restarted at about 16:45. I then kept these stats as the recheck went on, and did memdumps as asked by rchoi and Firon.

[15:55.57] <K`Tetch> recheck 17% complete, vmem now at 62Mb

[16:05.17] <K`Tetch> 25% - 82Mb vmem

[16:10.29] <K`Tetch> ok, at 105Mb physical, 101Mb vmem (30% complete)

[16:17.03] <K`Tetch> http://pastebin.com/f5e757853 (memdump, as firon requested)

[16:39.34] <K`Tetch> ok, its at 87996K and 168724K now

[16:40.42] <K`Tetch> stopped every torrent except the one hashchecking

[16:44.38] <K`Tetch> 93700 / 173320 right now

[16:44.42] <K`Tetch> and thats after an hour

[16:58.33] <K`Tetch> 95272 / 174832

[17:31.47] <K`Tetch> ok, 95% checked and the memory's at 101772 / 181104

[17:38.36] <K`Tetch> hashcheck done, physical went down to 6m then to 56m but the vmem is 1846160

[17:39.28] <K`Tetch> and now 188320

[17:40.26] <K`Tetch> 192416

[17:40.35] <K`Tetch> 192660

[17:40.49] <K`Tetch> 194672

[17:43.02] <K`Tetch> 204068

[17:46.18] <K`Tetch> 214672

[17:47.11] <K`Tetch> http://pastebin.com/f686dc7fb current memdump

[17:48.59] <K`Tetch> all torrents now stopped (1 min ago), mem reading is 94376 / 216308

[18:09.45] <K`Tetch> 97540 / 219408 is the memstats now, thats 20 minutes after all torrents were stopped

I've now rolled back to 1.8.2

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Ok, upgraded to the newest 1.9 alpha as was suggested. It's running for an hour, seeding 2 and downloading 1 torrent without any serious memory leaks. It start at around 30mbs and is now 41, so I'm not sure if there is SOME memory leak (although I doubt it, I think it's the usual usage I get), but anyway, that's worlds away from 1.8.3 beta memory leak.

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Total Uploaded: 571 GB

Total Downloaded: 452 GB

Total Ratio: 1.261

Total Running Time: 17913:14:34

Number of torrents added: 572

Program launched: 782 times

Last launched: 7/Mar/2009 12:27:40 AM

# incoming conns since start: 9209

# outgoing conns since start: 2918

# handshake: 17743

# connections: 77

# uTP connecting: 0

# TCP connecting: 0

# half-open: 0 (0 queued)

# of TCP connections + # of uTP connections should equal # of connections, no?

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Started with 15k and took about 7-8 hours to reach 315k of memory usage... it seems a very tiny memory leak.

uTorrent 1.8.3 Beta build 14715

bt.transp_disposition = 5

two files seeding.

started with 6 files downloading. 1 finished and not seeding.

Windows Vista x64 SP2 RC


Opps... I am glad that you have identified not only the main problem but others. good job.

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Using this newest build, and it works perfect on windows XP x64 SP3. Seeding 2 files at pretty much normal speed, mem usage is only 2.5MB, everything's like it should be (although yesterday i had this weird problem, i was seeding the same 2 files I'm now (there were around 300total leechers) and the speed could only reach like 5KB/s :D. but never mind that, it's all fixed now). Thanks for this release ;) keep up the good work ^^

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