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µTorrent 1.8.3 beta 15619


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Seems the program only allows 100 torrents regardless of what is set in the options (mine is set to 150). I have to force start them to get them to seed again.

Could you plz fix that and have it what it is in 1.8.2 thats the only reason why i',m not going to switch to 1.8.3 and 1.9

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Updated to 1.3 beta a few hours ago. My problem seems to be same as some others in that the u/l-d/l rate is fluctuating wildly ( I better mention I seed alone) Do not think those d/ling will be very happy. Keep it for a day or so and probably revert to 1.8.2. Feel for the downloaders because generally would rather upload than d/l. I reckon it must be a conflict and am going back to try and resolve.

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I too noticed a major dip in downloading speed since updating to 1.8.3(from ~200k per torrent to ~10k). Also i always had max peers per torrent set to 100 and atarting this build it connect to maybe a quarter of the max.

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Ultima- Let me jump in on that too. To answer your questions, yes and N/A (no software firewall). uPnP is disabled.

I had success setting bt.transp_disposition to 13 or 15 a couple of times. Once, I closed µT for gaming, and when I finished and reloaded it, upstream and downstream transfer speeds were fluctuating wildly, and well below what should be considered normal (or acceptable).

Upon setting bt.transp_disposition to 5, everything returned to "normal". I'm having difficultly reliably recreating success or failure at bt.transp_disposition=13/15 simply because, I have no idea what I did differently, if anything.

On another occurrence, I noticed that upload speeds were tanking at regular intervals, then return to the full limit. The speed graph looked like a sawtooth pattern. I have been unable to recreate that event, either. Basically, I'm not sure what's going on.


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Normally strange speed problems don't happen to me, but my download speed isn't going above 200KB/s either (out of 2500KB/s max)

It wasn't a bad swarm - I got 1200KB/s when I downloaded it with Azureus to see the difference and I'm sure I would have gotten a speed like that with 1.8.2 if I hadn't been too lazy to download it.

By the way, setting all files to Do not download helped to get the speed up, specially upload (obviously you'd have to toggle it all the time or else the download will never finish)

That's strange but it had it really big effect..

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I just wanted to point out:

Are we going to see the "Remaining" (to seed goal) Column change in 1.8.3?

For details about it, see Firon's comment


and several additional comments about it in 1.8.1 :





This feature was tried for 1.8.1. RC1 but reverted for final build. It was expected (by users :)) for 1.8.2.


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Alright, here's few problems I'm now having with all uTorrent versions.


Also, when i go to Options -> Directories , and press on any of those "..." (in order for that explorer window to pop-up) utorrent crashes (instantly closes).

EDIT: Just tried it, and it also crashes when I'm trying to add new torrent.

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XP-SP3, Cable 12M/800K PPPoA, 6 active torrents selected, 02 downloads max, 4 upload slots.

Torrents: 80 seeding + 02 downloading.


1. When any uTP option are enabled (no matter in/out) speed graph looks like a roller-coaster and memory reaches higher numbers (not huge). 03h test.

2. With TCP only, speed is flat mostly at top speed, and memory is at normal level [0.7 x (uTP usage)]. 04h test.

3. "queue.dont_count_slow" (both) seems broken, "Queued Seed" happens with no-one torrent uploading (~15 torrents with peers, 11 "queued seed" and 4 only-seeding-not-uploading). Noticed with TCP (not 100% sure about uTP, seems the same).

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For me 1.8.3 with bt.tansp_disposition set to 5 works absolutely great. 1.8.3 with default setting instead has jerky upload speeds. It doesn't die, but it's not the smooth line I see with the standard protocols.

I also always use cFosSpeed as it works amazingly well and prioritizes packets so that upload doesn't choke download. It regulates speed on its own, if the download speed goes up, the upload speed adjusts to grant maximum performance.

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Found this post after searching Google for "uTorrent using 1.6 gb memory."

I'm using 1.8.2 on Windows 7 x86 beta, and I also appear to be getting a memory leak. When I check uTorrent after leaving the computer on for a while (generally overnight), it's using at least 1.6GB of memory. I can't bring it up from task bar--I have to end the process in task manager.

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