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µTorrent 1.8.3 beta 15619


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Oh, I see. dwk is right.

For uTP connections, all packets are sent through a single socket, regardless of if it's incoming or outgoing.

for TCP connections, all incoming connections will be bound to the listen port (which is the same port as the uTP traffic, but TCP instead of UDP). Outgoing TCP connections however, will be bound to a random port by default (determined by the OS), unless you specify the outgoing port range, in which case outgoing TCP connections will be bound to a port within that range.

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@zdnko. That's great stuff. Thanks! This issue has actually been fixed for 1.9 alpha. The main purpose of 1.8.3 is to improve its uTP support, so that rolling out 1.9 with uTP support on by default will not screw with peoples download rates, since a lot of peers will have good uTP support for incoming connections already. Whether this should be back-ported or not is a balance between how much the uTP can be expected to be used in 1.8.3 version keeping code changes down to keep it stable.

I suppose it would make sense to back-port this particular fix though.

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No change here with new beta, it is still connecting with many peers at the beginning but there is only download or no transfer at all. Upload goes to normal speed for few bytes and then it's stopping at all. This is with transp set to 13 and 15. Upload goes normal only sometimes when somehow good peer will happen : / Makes me 20mb uploaded with 2 gb downloaded at the end of the day.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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