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Problem using Utorrent EnableTracker


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I have a problem using the internal tracker of uTorrent

I have installed the 1.8.2 (build 14458) version of utorrent

the port used by utorrent is correctly forwarded

the IP is correct

all firewalls (no exception) are disabled...

i created the torrent according to instructions

when the torrent started on the computer with the tracker enabled in utorrent the tracker status is:

"No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it."

any ideas why?

on the client computer, tracker status is:

HTTP Error 300...

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Webui is disabled and it was using the same port as the incomming connections port

i am using the correct port and announce URL but no results...

i tested the port at http://www.utorrent.com/testport.php?port=MyPort and it said

Welcome to the µTorrent Port Checker.

A test will be performed on your computer to check if the specified port is opened.

Checking port MyPort on MyIP...

OK! Port MyPort is open and accepting connections.

You will be able to receive incoming BitTorrent connections.

i am quite certain i did all the steps correctly,

but still not working...

Later Edit:

I recreated the .torrent file and left unchecked "Private Torrent"

it works now but it's very slow...

LAN works perfectly, 8-10 MBps between the same computers, with tne windows file sharing from windows and with a ftp server,

but with utorrent on utorrent's internal tracker it is very slow

it is about 70kBps-100kBps on LAN (between 2 computers on the same LAN...)

that's stupid... isn't it?

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I had the same problem with using the builtin tracker. I used this tutorial and it worked perfectly.


Instead of disabling the WebUI and making sure it has the same port as uTorrent, you need to enable the WebUI and give it a separate port. And use the separate port as the port for your tracker.

The reason it started working when you unchecked to make the torrent private is that it was then using DHT which looks for peers differently than a tracker does.

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