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wont work after installing Uniblue


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I hope someone can help,

Been using utorrent for some time with no problems,

BUt now i do.

The only new things I can think of that I have done to my system are the following.


Uniblue driver scanner

Uniblue registry booster

Uniblue spy eraser

And updated kaspersky.

After this was done, download speed was a snails pace, uploads is still ok though.

I have the red circle at the bottom of the page, says a firewall might be blocking it.

that seems fine.

I tried a system restore, that didn't change anything.

If anyone has any Ideas please help

I dont know how to get the info needed from my pc

please help.

I have tried everything I can think of.


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Did you try to renew the exceptions about uT in Kaspersky? Do it and change the port too.

And about Uniblue Spy Eraser, it can be the culprit. Maybe it blocks uT when it is working.

In addition it's a poor antispyware tool: http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,1759,2091004,00.asp

SpyEraser is a danger to itself and to others. It's poor at removing existing spyware, sometimes killing innocent processes, (...)

So remove it and check if uT works.

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