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Certain start up program slowing speeds


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Recently uTorrent started acting weirdly in Vista. Whenever i started it up the internet on my computer would slow down extremely, 1 kb/s MAYBE. when i went into firefox and tried to go to a website it would just continue to load, not say page can not be found. even google took around 10 minutes to load. in utorrent it said my port was opened correctly. if i went onto another computer while this was happening the speed was fine. i also have windows 7 installed on this computer and when i used utorrent on windows 7 no problems happened. after doing all this i thought that it might be a program that was running. i use NOD32 and thought it might be that so i disabled it and tried again, but that didnt work, so i disabled all start up programs, restarted, ran utorrent, and it works.

so that means that it must be on of my programs that starts at start up.

are there any known programs that can screw with utorrent?

screenshots of msconfigs startup list:

ignore the check on the adobe one, hit it while doing the SS





nevermind, just went through all the start up programs, and i guess it isnt any of them.

going to go through windows services and check those.



went through all the services and i dont think it was any of those. not sure what else could affect it at startup if it isnt services or boot programs...

another weird thing i found out was when on wikipedia (which was the site i was using to test my connection, just clicking around the site) i was able to go to different parts of the site no problem (no slow speeds in the pages loading), while utorrent was on, but when i tried to go to google(or any other website) the problem would happen. so that is the reason im not sure if it isnt the services because i was using wikipedia, but i also had other tabs open which im pretty sure loaded when testing.

another side note:

it is not only firefox that slows down, any web browser i use gets effected.

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I had speed problems with utorrent and firefox myself and read your post. That gave me the essential hint:

I use a LG Ligtscribe DVD-Burner and just deleted the controlpanel from startup. That was my first try... i just did it...

...and guess what: It works!

Utorrent is much much faster now. Thanks for the idea!

Hmmmm.... ok... It worked for about ten minutes. Damned!

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