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Webui Problems


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Well currently i am trying to setup webui and i can't seem to get all the way through the instructions.

I'm using Utorrent1.8.2 and firefox 3.0.6

Esentially after downloading and installing, the directions say i should ...

To install the µTorrent extension, go here. Then point it at your torrent box in the Options dialog (from the Tools > Extensions menu). You'll need your IP address and the port µTorrent uses for the Web UI. Assuming you are using the computer on which µTorrent is installed and you aren't using a proxy server, your IP address is...

I cannot find said screen to input my ip address and what in either firefox or utorrent...

Sorry for this, it seems so basic but i've tryed everything i can find and i've had no luck.

I'm trying to get this set up with a seedbox, but the box isn't ready yet, i'm just trying to get this going in advance, and it just isn't working.

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