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Just wondering if anyone out there can sort out a small problem i have.

I have checked up as much info. as possible but to be honest im not very tech minded so i apologise if i come across as a bit dim!

The Problem-

I surf and download quite alot and recently changed Broadband.What i have noticed since is that after browsing around on the net for a while i usully find something to download but i get VERY slow download speeds ( 0.1 - 2 kbs) even though there are loads of seeds.

So what i do is re-boot my P.C and Router & then open UTorrent again.

I then see a massive difference in speeds, almost 600-700 kbs.

Im not at all sure why this is?

I have set up U-torrent as instucted and forwarded a port/ set Windows Fire-wall properly.

I am wired to my desktop and would prefer to stay that way.

However i would go wireless if needed.(not tried it yet - need to buy adapter)

My Gear

Dell Dimension 3000

Intel Pro/100 VE network connection (is this the problem??)

D-Link DSL-264OR

UTorrent - 1.8.3 Beta

I just ran a speed test and - D - 6468 kbs U - 607 kbs

help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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