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When uploading torrent,Utorrent is not re-allocating the content.


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Even though I have done this many times before[uploading thru utorrent] I find this to be the 1st major issue

since automatically updating to the beta vs.:

Force re-check is not locating the files or the content within the files.

I even utilized the new button-'Preserve file' and ...yes,

I do know to check and make sure that the file locale is correct[the main file folder ie.the Directory~not the individual files within.]

I individually relocated the files within torrent to the folder in regard after forced re-check after re-check(even after the open file location feature verified that the stuff is 100% there.

So...Why is the file saying download instead of upload?

Why is the progress boxes representing the indie files staying red at 0% instead of full blue(100%).

This is an important issue to fix as it can surely cause someone to get BANNED from the site the torrent is being tracked by.

It's essentially saying that I don't have what was promised and in turn am leeching to get it from ---MYSELF(?!)

And even worse than that---I'm worried that this defect could erase the content within the files[for not recognizing them being there in the first place], thus putting the security and integrity of the files at risk.

I've been an avid fan of Utorrent using it since 2005. What's going on w/ this new update?Please what can I do to reverse this?

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