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Torrents no longer show up in transfers but files are still downloaded


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Recently uTorrent has abeen playing up- when I open a .torrent file with uTorrent, verify the files and click OK, the torrent isn't added to the transfer list. I can't pause, stop, edit or even see whether or not I am downloading any of the torrents I've added in the last week or so.

The funny thing is- they still download. The still show up in the Succesfully Completed Downloads folder. The transfer list shows me all the torrents I downloaded more than a week ago, before the problem occurred.....I just can't see any torrents which have been added recently.

I have uninstalled/reinstalled utorrent (the .exe file). I am using XP SP2, nothing I can think of has caused this problem. I haven't updated utorrent in the last couple of weeks.

Any ideas?

Thanks :)

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Hmm, I say that they download so they probably upload as well, I utorrent just won't show the recently added transfers anywhere in the application.


Please any help would be much appreciated....I love utorrent, but it's sick and I don't have the cure :(

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