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Leopard freeze, iPv6 and uTorrent.


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I have had really bad experiences with uTorrent freezing up Leopard completely for almost 20 minutes. Tomato torrent worked fine until I decided to give uTorrent a try.

When I first used uTorrent, everything went well, but things got progressively worse. Data began to be written to the hard drive sporadically. Apps began freezing. uTorrent took longer and longer to close down.

I gave up on uTorrent and went back to Tomato, only to experience similar, but LESS severe effects.

Since uTorrent allows better control on download speeds, I thought of giving it one more time, thinking that choking my download speed would solve the problem.

No dice. My iMac completely froze up, and after a force shut down would only reboot with the install CD.

I have 2gigs RAM, 2.33gHz Intel Core2duo, and 35% of my hard drive free.

I'm now wondering if disabling iPv6 in 'System Preferences >Network> Advanced' would do the trick?

Anyone have any experience with iPv6 ?

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I have already verified the disk. SMART status is fine, and I did a hardware test as a precaution. It may be RAM, but then i would notice lags in other Apps as well.

There are tons of reports on mac based forums about iPv6 disablement fixing a similar problem as I have described.

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I can verify this bug (sort of) I'm using IPv4 on a macbook pro and corrupted my file system. (i'm using leopard, 10.5.6) At first it caused system wide freeze-ups, but after a restart or two the computer wouldn't boot. This was with a clean install, and no other programs except the system processes, uTorrent and Safari were running.

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