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Question about a torrent I'm downloading

Mr Wolf

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Hi to all!

Sorry, for my ignorance, I'm still new to µTorrent!

But first of all, I want to say it's simply a fantastic program, and in a special way my compliments go who made the help file: it's the most complete guide I have ever found about a program, it explains every option, as any guide should do about a program, but unfortunately it's not so!

So, I'm trying to dowload this very big file, 120 GBs!!!

Actually, I had already almost finished to download it, but then I deleted the downloaded files by mistake, and one month of dowloading f... off!

The issue, however, is that it seems nobody seems to have the completed file I'm dowloading, so, when I was previously downloding it, the download started to go very slow

I attach a photo:


As you can see in the avaibility bar, there are lots of red bars, so many pieces are not available

About the seed, you can see the number is 0(1)

So, does it mean there's only one who has the complete file, and I'm not downloading from him, is that right?

What about the trackers? If I've well understood how it works, the traker should now the seeds I'm downloading from

So, is it possible to add traker hoping to find more seeds?

Ultimately, is there a possibility I can succeed to download my file?

Many thanks for your help!

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At the moment if your client is not connected to one seed and the main availability given by peers is < 1.0 (in your case, it's 0.922), you can't finish your download.

So you have to wait for a potential seeder (because I think all the other peers are stuck at the same level) to complete it.

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Mmm... I don't know, I don't think those topics refer to the web server

As, web server, I mean just the interface that allows you to connect to µTorrent remotely through the browser, in my case Firefox:


It slows and freezes Firefox!

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