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Help! Down Speed is LOW!


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Help please!

I have 5Mb Internet connection. On IE or Firefox I download on 600Kbs, but in my utorrent the speed is on 140Kbs only!

My ports is open and I don't know what to do!

Here a photo from utorrent (Look on the download speed from the peer and the maxdown near it):


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I have only been using torrents for a few weeks, and that has been via uTorrent client 1.8.2. There are times I have great downloads, but most times I average less than 50KBps, and I always have the green network status icon on. I have cable modem and I can get 4 Mbps no issue at all, any time of the day. Here is some of the testing I have done, in various combinations:

- Removed NAT routers so that PC was direct connect with public IP.

- Set the various uTorrent options various ways including strickly according to the uTorrent guides and the Speed Guide (Ctrl-G), increasing & decreasing the queue settings, and increasing & decreasing the connections settings, encryption on/off, DHT on/off, etc.

- Fetching torrents from various trackers.

Have read various posts on various forums including this one. At this time I can only come to one conclusion which I think impacts a lot of people more than they realize. The greatest variable, and perhaps most restrictive is the torrent swarm uploaders (seeds / seeding peers). I've spent quite a bit of time watching my peers list and over and over and I see the same thing most often. Most peers are "d" which means peer doesn't want to send (interested and choked). I think the single biggest reason people are getting 'slow' download speeds (or slow when compared to their expectations) is because the vast number of peers are upload choked. My guess is its a combination of having their client configured incorrectly, and/or they have simply maxed out for those settings applied.

Yesterday was a particularly bad day for me...averaging around 10-20KBps. I played around with all the settings to no avail. Hmmm maybe its my ISP. Yeah maybe but it shouldn't be that bad. So then I tried something. I went to beta.legaltorrents.com to fetch a legal torrent. Instantly I got over 340KBps easy. Checked the peer flag list and the only peer showing was "D". Obviously they have a server and connection with the capabilities to deliver the content.

Did a bunch of reading on how the BT protocol works, and reading peoples request for various things including keeping traffic local to ISP. I support keeping traffic local to ISPs only for the point of increasing useage efficiency and helping ISPs keep their costs down. However from a downloaders perspective, the best source of content may not be local, it could be on the other side of the planet. I am Cisco CCNP certified, make a living at IP routing and switching (and this includes transport, ATM (which is dead), MPLS, and various routing protocols including OSPF and BGP). From my perspective while there are some small opportunities for Internet path engineering to be made better its pretty darn good the way it is. From a BT protocol perspective, I think it works pretty darn good too. Over time as we observe and learn more I'm sure the protocol will evolve and become better, and from a downloaders perspective it will be better at finding better sources of content.

I think in the meantime if we all want better downloads, we all have to ensure that we are doing our part to ensure better seeding uploads. Let's face it, swarm quality depends on upload capabilities, and we as uploaders are a part of the swarm. This includes:

- Ensuring your configuration settings match, maybe 10% less, than what your upload capabilities are.

- Use the schedule function to adjust upload bandwidth based on time of day.

- Keep 100% completed files in your client and in seeding mode for days or weeks. The more seeds the better.


The only thing I am not sure about yet is if its helpful to have dozens of files in my client seeding, and let UTorrent automatically switch them between 'seeding' and 'queued seed', or just have a small number of files in my client and they are all full time active seeds.


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