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"Downloading to the chosen location will not be possible because ...


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... the combination of the path to the download location, plus some of the paths inside this torrent, will result in a path length of more than 255 characters. Windows will not be able to handle this and you will see 'Error writing to disk: System cannot find the file specified'

Do you want to download the torrent to C:\ instead?


Its the simplest thing EVER - many times i advise people trying to download a torrent to e.g.:

c:\documents and settings\my stupid username\desktop\torrents\downloading\the mega music singles collection by some dude\cd singles\2003\perpetuous dreamer\perpetuous dreamer - the sound of goodbye (above and beyond intrumental vocal remix version 2).mp3

that the darn filename is just too long - windows can create that file, but then cant find it when trying to open it for writing. Many torrents contain huge filenames, and I'd like to see uTorrent to be the first client to look out for this and sort the problem out for all the tards out there.. It might also get more people onto uTorrent:

dumbass1> "hey i cant d/l the mega music packs torrent with bitcomet"

dumbass2> "use utorrent to d/l it instead bitcomet cant d/l it but utorrent can do it fine. must be a bug in bitcomet"

it's also like, a really easy thing to code.. the torrent file list must be enumerated to create the files, so whats the harm of adding an if(strFilename.length() > 255){...} in there ? :D

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its something retarded in the windows api.. you can create and move filenames with very long names, but you then cant get a handle on them to read/write them because the API call that establishes the handle is limited to 255 on one of the input parameters or soemthing.. some kind of hard limit due to the size of a byte..

you can test this yourself, by creating a file name with 254 characters, and putting the file inside a folder with 254 characters. the move succeeds.. but you then cannot access the file, and even windows explorer gives you a "Cannot find the file specified" error. If you try and create any new files inside the folder, it just errors with weirdness...

but maybe you dont have these problems if you use linux.. ;)

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