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UL speed drops when downloading!


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Two problems:

Iam running a server on a powerfull 1Gbit line, but when downloading (just at 5MB/s), the UL goes slowy down to like 4-5KB/s.


When downloading at a range of 10MB/s, uTorrent leaks the memory, so after a few moments, uTorrent is useing 2GB ram and crashes. I have 4GB memory, but uTorrent can somehow only use 2GB. How can I fix this?


Xeon Quad

4GB ddr2


750GB SATA2 hdd.

Windows server 2003 Standard Edition

uTorrent 1.8.2

My "number of connections" are set to it's max.

The "Disk cache" is set as followed:

[/] Override.... (2000)

[/] Reduce memory..

[/]Enable caching of disk writes

- [/] Write out ountouched

- [/] Write out finished

[/] Enable caching of disk reads

- [/] Turn off read caching

- [/] Remove old blocks

- [/] Increase automatic

[ ] Disable windows caching of disk writes

[ ] Disable windows caching of disk reads

Any one with some ideas? :)

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