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It seems like µTorrent is already running...new cause


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I know that there was a similar issue due to upgrading and having a duplicate registry key, which was discussed here:


Although the error message is the same, the cause of my error is different. I have a clean install of Vista x64 and uTorrent 1.8.2. There is only 1 uTorrent entry in my startup (with the "mu" symbol, not "u").

The error occurs when I double click a .torrent file which should open it in uTorrent. Instead I get the error message: "It seems like µTorrent is already running, but not responding." when I get the message uTorrent is already up and running and responding fine. If I open the file from uTorrent directly, rather than double clicking on the .torrent file, the error does not occur.

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