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Can't use direct link to Windows Live Skydrive as web seed?


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I've created many torrents with web seeds, with single files (as multiple file web seeding have problems at first and last pieces). Using file hosting with direct links, such as Fileden, their server is able to act as web seeds. However, when i use WL Skydrive links, they can't act as web seeds.

For example, a simple single-file torrent with this wallpaper:


The direct link doesn't change with time. The testing torrent is uploaded here (also WL Skydrive direct link):


When i load the torrent (the web seed is already specified), the Skydrive server flashes for a second then goes off (see screenshot below):


How come WL Skydrive direct links can't act as web seeds? The direct links work perfectly in a browser like Firefox/IE.


Alright i seem to have found the problem. The Skydrive server doesn't allow the file to be downloaded in parts (byte ranges)...... any way to overcome that??

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There's no way to overcome it via HTTP because the client always uses 206 partial get requests. If the web server does not support partial gets, then the content can not be retrieved. Are you sure this is the case though? You're testing a 265kb file. One could connected, get the file, and close connection within 1 second.

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