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Utorrent with Deep Freeze


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i am using utorrent v1.4 and Deep Freeze v4.20

Deep Freeze is a software with freezes your hard drive.

And i have freezed my C drive which contains windows.

Now the problem is that when ever i start utorrent after restarting my PC there are no tasks in utorrent ---WHY??

This doesnt seems to happen with bitcomet. So does utorrent saves the info about torrents in regestry/C drive?

If this can be fixed please help me.

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I think you can put all your µTorrent data files (in your C:\documents and settings\<user>\application data\utorrent) and µTorrent itself all into a folder not on the C: drive and I think µTorrent automatically uses the settings that are in the same folder as it is. But I'm not sure about that.


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