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D-link Dir-615 router not forwarding port correctly


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since I have narrowed down the problem to the router I might as well make a new thread.

my dlink dir-615 does not seem to want to forward the port i set for it.

i even set the pc on dmz and it still fails the port forward test. but when i by pass the router completely and connect the cable directly to my modem, the port test passed.

has anyone else ran into this problem before?

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the static ip is outside dhcp range, i even shutdown the dhcp on my router completely and used a static ip.

I even try it with the static ip being in the dhcp range

still the port refuse to forward. :(

is it possible for a router to fail its port forwarding abilities even thought the internet connection still works?

I did a search on the forum and i think this guy had the same problem as me.


Update: I've finally got it! :D

after some reading on the net I found out that adsl modems needs to run in bridge mode.

I never knew my speedstream 5200 has its own NAT firewall

I guess you learn something new every day :) now i can finally sleep easy.

thanks for your help dread.

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