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Problem with pieces? Speed? Any helpful comments appreciated


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How do folks,

Recently started using uTorrent (mu torrent?), best client I've ever used!!! Used to think ABC was the nuts but now I see what a drain on resources it was using more than ten times the amount of memory uTorrent does when minimised.

Think I've managed to tweak my setting to the get best possible speeds after reading Stickys FAQ, which was very helpful. But just to be on the safe side could someone post any idea what they think the optimal settings (in terms of global connections etc.) for a 2MB asymmetrical connection would be? dl: 1860Kbps (232.5KB/s), up: 229Kbps (28.6KB/s)

Also one more question I've searched for but couldnt find a suitable response preposted, is regarding the way uTorrent downloads pieces. Ive noticed that since Ive optimised my settings it is only downloading about 12 pieces at a time, before i recall it doing roughly twice that number at a time (hope this makes sense? i mean in the pieces tab, fewer pieces (fewer lines shown) being downloaded at a time?). Does that sounds normal or is it a non issue, the two being unrelated?

I only ask this becasue the I wonder if it affects the priority I set individual files to have in a torrent. I find that High priority files are downloaded faster but they always have a few pieces remaining, that seem to be put on hold while the program seems to continue with the normal priority files till they reach about the same level of completion (I understand that low availability is a factor but what about in cases where it is fairly high), and if i have accidently limited the number of pieces the program can handle at a time this could mean a longer wait for high priority files?

Might be completely confused about the way bittorrent works, so far the little i know has been self taught and still have gaping holes in my understanding. Feel free to ignore if that is the case.

Many thanks for any feedback. Ta

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The number of pieces downloaded simultaneously has to do with the amount of peers uploading to you, so either you have less connections/torrent allowed, or you are downloading a torrent with less peers and seeds than the other one with twice as many pieces downloaded at the same time.

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