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weird download problem i think


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I'm using utorrent 1.8.2 and experiencing weird download speeds.

I have 30 mbit/s dl and 1 mbit/s upload. I'm using cable connection, Netgear CM232 modem. And using a Buffolo wlan wireless router since i have only one cable port in my netgear modem.

I tried downloading this:


And got 1.6- 2.0 mbit/s for download speed, but when i download something else for example some tv show full season download speed drops to 40 kbit/s-100 kbit/s.

I have set download speed as unlimited and upload speed as 100 kbit/s.

So could someone please help me with my problem so i could figure out why i can't get other torrents faster as i should be.

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I seem to be reachable since i always have green connection, and my connection is ok, and i also tested my 55645 port and it's always open and accepting connections.

Weird since i downloaded that slakware iso file in 45 minutes and that other file witch i want to download should take couple of hours but it does not, and it seems to take couple of days instead.

Well it does not matter since i could wait longer, but if it is possible to get it download faster i would be greatly appreciate any help to do so.

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