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Issues installing Webui


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Okay so i've looked over the Guide on installing the WebUI and downloaded the latest webui as well as a legasy one and placed it in the right folder and its not installing

the message i get is:

There was a problem installing µTorrent WebUI, please see the µTorrent log for more details.

The µTorrent WebUI does not seem to be installed. Click here to try to install it, or see the guide for more details.

this is if i use the loopback

or connect from another comptuer.

Im not sure what im doing wrong

any ideas?

I've "clicked here" many times and it just doesnt work, I have searched and cant really find anything that pretains to the problem im having...

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i dropped it in the %AppData%\Bittorrent folder as im running BitTorrent.. that didnt work

so i created a uTorrent folder, and placed it there as well, then installed uTorrent and tried to set it up using uTorrent and that didnt work either.

Where do i find this Log it refers to thats another question i forgot to ask.

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