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need suggestion on firewall


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I also find out lately that a All In One suite isnt the best way to go sometimes. Cuz some features are inferior to stand alone versions. I had to install ZA Pro Suite without the anti-virus. And I did the same with BitDefender 9 Pro Plus. I didnt install the firewall or anti-spam.

But in the end, u need to configure the firewall correctly. Since 1998 or 99, I used to use Norton. Until this year. But I found out today that after all these years I didnt have my firewall configured right. I didnt use the script blocking in Norton cuz I thought it was blocking too much stuff I needed. So that meant my browser (IE.. yea I know be quiet) was handling most of the script blocking. Now after doing some reading today, I set up ZA's script blocking the right way. Now, when I go to a site that has suspect scripts, I dont even get IE's Information Bar popping up. That means ZA is blocking it b4 it gets to the browser. (I did extensive tests this morning to make sure) I set it up so tight, I get a "U are not authorized" message when trying to view .pdf files online. I just know which setting to enable/disable now. So make sure u configure ur firewall to do most/all of the work.

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