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WaTs Dis Difference..Can Anybody Gimme an Idea


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Hi Pals..

My Frns Having an Internet conction speed of 128 kbps his nrml dwlnd speed is quite nrml at 10-12 ..

But wen he dwlnds from torrents the speed increases to 40-50 kbps n almost 100 sometimes depending upon da seders....

But where as i am using 256 kbps my torrent speed never crosses 35 kbps...which is same as my nrl dwlnd speed..

Why is Dis Diff Can any one help mee... In Dis so tat i Can also Increse my Speed..

Gimee Da Basic idea palss

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Please try a little harder to make your post English-readable in the future. :P

Maybe his line is measuring sustained speeds allowed...but has higher burst speeds?

Or higher speeds for local peers on the same ISP?

...While yours is giving out PEAK speed, which is not allowed to be exceeded.

256 kilobits/second is only 32 KiloBYTES/second peak theoretical max, so if you're getting 33-35 KiloBYTES/second sometimes you're already getting more than your supposed limit.

I'd compare prices and quality of service between the ISPs...many that offer high speeds don't deliver.

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