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Macbook Pro used with Netcom Huawei E220-modem and utorrent, problem.


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Hi, bought a new Macbook Pro about 3 weeks ago and I`m using it with a Huawei E220- modem from Netcom. I have had a continuing problem with my internet connection and I couldn`t understand what caused it. Today it seems I found the answer. I`m a regular user of utorrent(been using it with windows. works perfectly!!) and one of the first things I did was downloading utorrent one my mac.

The problem is that everytime I open and start using utorrent, the internet connection fails after 5 to 60 minutes. The modem indicates that there is a connection(a blue light) but the program Mobile Connect shows that there are no incoming/outgoing data. Sometimes my mac also freezes up and give me a message that there is a problem and the computer has to shut down/restart. Very annoying!! I´ve been online for almost three hours now and the connection works perfectly, and utorrent is not activated.. so it seems that my problem is solved. My new problem is that I can`t use utorrent:(

I have to point out that I haven`t tried using utorrent with a internet connection via airport or cable. So I don`t know if the problem is connected to the use of utorrent combined with Netcom Huawei E220 and Mobile Connect, or if it is just not working with macbook pro at this point.

I`m also quite new using mac, so if any of you people out there have any suggestion I would appreciate it.


After some searching I found a tip in this forum. One person recommended a program called Transmission. Can be downloaded here: http://www.transmissionbt.com/download.php

Seems to work very smooth. No problems after I unistalled utorrent and started using this. Been running for about 2 hours now and everything is working as it should. No modem or network problems, and no shutdown of the computer. Thank god, no wait, thank allah! Or maybe I`ll just thank you guys on this forum and the people behind Transmission!D

I`ll start using utorrent again when the bugs/problems are fixed. Ciao!

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