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Another Port Forwarding problem


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OK, I had Utorrent up and running and getting green icon. I had not used Utorrent for about 3 weeks and today I started it up and I am now red. I went back in and checked my IP address on my computer which it did change for some strange reason. So, i went to my routers web site and changed all the information needed for me to be connectible again but I for some reason am staying in the red. I have spent a few hours on this and have completely redone everything portforward.com states to do, including the static IP like I thought I already set up.

Any ideas of what I may be doing wrong? Linksys WRT54G is my router if this may help. BTW, when I try to check my port using Utorrents speed guide it is one # off than what I placed in the box for incoming connections in Preferences. Every time I try switching it to the port I want to use it jumps up one number in the speed guide.

So in speed guide it will show for example 12346 and in preferences I have it set to 12345(remember only example #'s, not what I am actually using).

So what is the deal with this and can it be fixed?


Well, apparently it musta been something else going on cause I downloaded the program from portforward.com to check to see if my ports were open and it claims they were open. So I am downloading now and I am green and port is open. I have good speed and everything is going as normal, wonder what was the problem the other night? My best guess is that it must have been something wrong with Utorrent itself that night cause I even downloaded the same torrent I did the other night and it went green and downloaded a lot faster then before.

Maybe just restarting my laptop was all that was needed though?!?!

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