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how to make utorrent the default torrent downloader


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I've never had a problem downloading with utorrent til recently. Just out of no where, mp3 rocket decides to be the default torrent launcher. I have uninstalled it and reinstalled it. I also did the same with utorrent, but the install wizard never popped up. utorrent just went back to where it left off. I have searched forums and the closest I came was to open a downloaded file, go to properties, click change & change to utorrent. Well I did all that & mp3 rocket is still downloading the files when I click run. Is there another way to make utorrent download as it did before? I used the search bar and that didn't work either. I have always used both of these apps to do different things, I just don't know how it changed??? mp3 rocket takes too long to download, where as utorrent was so much faster.

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