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Am I getting much lower speeds than what I paid for?


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Hi, my internet provider is MyCybernet, I'm subscribed to their Hi-Speed ADSL Res upto 5.0MB and paying for it.

But when i do the test on speedtest.net my dl maxes at 566kps and ul at 131kps.

Unless i'm mistaken shouldn't i be able to get speeds much higher than that! (like up to 5.0MB!)

I'm thinking of calling them and asking about it but i dont want to sound like a fool if this is some how my fault or what i'm suppose to get (pls dun tell me it is)

Pls help!

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That's the problem my internet connection, like u said, should max at 550 kBs (kilobytes per second)

But the test results are showing it maxes at 566 kbs (kilobits per second).

so when i actually download stuff, the speed doesn't get past 70kBs

Well I called them and they said i was out of range. And that they will open a ticket to bell.

But does opening a ticket actually help my situation?

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bobby, matias is correct!!

you are paying for a 5mbit line, which maxes at around 570kb/s.

Ironically, the speedtest.net test shows this incorrectly and screws kb and kB. trust us, everything is working as intended.

If you want 5Mb/s download speed, then you need a 50mbit line which is fios only and still very expensive compared to the average-joe plan.


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Well even if the test is screwing up the kb with kB.

It doesn't explain why my download speed never exceeded 70kB/s (and I dun think a 5Mb line only gets 70kB/s)

To get answers, i phoned the company and they told me I was out of range and that they will open a ticket to Bell (don't know what "opening a ticket" means) and call me back 2mr.

So before they call back I would like to know what they can possibly do to fix my problem (since if I'm out of range would they still be able to provide decent internet speed)?

or do u suggest i should probably get a new internet provider?

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