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Constantly downloading at 0.5kB/s even when port's open.


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ok, so i have read every forum i could come across trying to set up my mac and uTorrent so i could figure out what the f is wrong here.

no matter what i do i can not for the life of me get an average upload ratio greater then 0.5kB/s, if i'm lucky i wake up to it uploading at 5kB/s.... and this has been the case when i had 150 torrents uploading to what.cd and now when im starting over with only 30...same issue. i even downloaded torrents with different seeder/leecher/peer ratio's to try and troble shoot if it was just cuz i was downloading too much japanese post rock...

anyway, ports are open on every port-checker i've come across. set up a static ip on an ethernet connection, i've tried with my firewall on, off, only alowing utorrent. i have outgoing encryption enabled. i have tested online to find out what my max upload is and its about 100kB/s. i have NO PROBLEMS DOWNLOADING. i download at about 500kB/s...so im just super confused

uTorrent says im allowing incoming conections but it will randomly switch between "red, yellow and green dots"

when i switched file sharing on in my system preferences, is it enough to only allow file sharing with AFP or do i need to turn on FTP file sharing too??? i have SMB file sharing on as well.

please help me. please. im about to be banned from what.cd...

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