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cant add 64 or more torrent at once


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sorry if this question has been asked before, I couldnt find something related using the search (maybe I just suck at searching)

Im using utorrent 1.8.2 (build 14458)

I cant add more than 63 torrents at once using the Add Torrent tool.

If I select 64 or more files, the file browser window simply close and does nothing.

I have had this problem for years and several version back of utorrent.

Is there an option somewhere ?

Is this a feature ? (forcefully limiting the qtty of torrents one can add at once)

Is it a bug ?


am i the only one to have this issue?

could someone else have a try and tell me if it should work ?

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I don't know if this is the same problem related... but i've found in the latest versions of Windows 7 build 7048 up or the latest beta version of Utorrent(1.83.build 14xxx), that I'm only allowed to download 3 torrents at a time... I've confirm I don't have this problem on Win Vista or even Flashget 2.0 windows 7...

Ideas or... fix on the way?


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Thanks Switeck..

But maybe you can explain to me, as I've never had this problem for the past 5 years using this program. Right now on the Win 7 I only have 2 connections contacting... Granted I'm in Thailand, and I have a 4 mb line...but before the upgrades I was getting pretty good speed.

Now I have connected another PC(notebook) with Vista_Sp2(RC)... and I hadn't run them simultaneously until as a day or so, but I've been experiencing this problem for more then a few weeks. So I started to run it, and all connections are downloading...

I don't like to implicate any problem, but I've never had to tweak anything in utorrent to make it work. I prefer my desktop(the problem child at moment)... over the notebook...

So any suggestions on this unrelated problem? Any experimental notes to try to see where the problem may lie therein?

As I've also said... Flash get runs fine... Now also note, I've only ran one P2P client on this connection coz its satisfactory for the speed I'm guaranteed. So everything I've done has been in addition to figure out why.

So I'm going to venture out and say, something's change in Windows 7 as in build 7022 and down things were running fine...

On my download kpbs is around(before the problem) runs 20+ and uploading around 20(whatever I will give it at 512k... and before I chose the 2 meg line in Utorrent so it was set very high and so it would run 50's up... i brought it down, coz i'm not getting now less then 10-15 dld... :(

but using it on vista work as I said above.

If my question or need for solution is in the right place thanks... if not, may we start a windows 7 topic where we can place such there?

otherwise i appreciate your time in answering or suggesting in any manner...


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uTorrent's speed graph, download, and upload speeds are in KiloBYTES/second.

Bandwidth measurements are in kilobits/second.

If you have 512 kilobits/second upload bandwidth, your line is probably incapable of exceeding 55-60 KiloBYTES/second upload speed. You should NOT be using 2 megabit/second (xx/2mbit) upload settings. Your upload speed should be at or near whatever max limit you set in uTorrent unless your torrents are mostly inactive.

Your ISP may not even be giving you full speeds, so even less bandwidth may be available than advertised. :(

As such you should not have more than ~20 barely-active torrents. With busier torrents, fewer still are needed/useful at once. In my speed guide (2nd link of my signature), I recommend only 4 active torrents.

The latest v1.8.3 beta should correct at least one many active torrents at once problem, but I don't know if they fixed this problem exactly.

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a bit more info about the problem I reported.

I asked 2 other persons to have a try:

Tester 1 used the same batch of 64 torrents file than me, that person had exactly the same issue than me.

The tests were done on xp sp2, xp sp3, 2k3 sp2, all same results

Tester 2 tried with a different set of 64 torrent files, no problem for him, the normal windows handling opened as it should.

Tester 2 then tried again with the same set of torrent files than me and the tester 1 used, he then reported exactly the same issue than me and tester 1

So the problem doesnt seem to be OS related but more file related, something in the files which changes the way utorrent handles them.

All the torrents files could be added without error into utorrent as long as it wasnt in more than 63 files at once. So the files seem to be valid and not broken.

But now, im wondering if the creation of torrent files follow some very precise rules or if some liberties can be taken by the programs creating the torrent files?

because there is clearly something fishy here

any idea where I could direct my investigations now ?

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