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Help me!!! error opening windows firewall????


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I've been using utorrent for about a year now with absolutley no problem up until today. when trying to download a new torrent i noticed that none of my torrents would upload or download and that all my torrents were red. I got this message in my log: [2009-03-11 01:04:25] Error opening Windows firewall: 0x80070005 Access is denied. I went into windows firewall and tried to check and uncheck the box allowing utorrent through the firewall, tried to restart utorrent, restart my computer but nothing has worked...i've been reading through some of the posts on here and noticed that some people have had the same problem but i have yet to see a solution....and please if you have a solution to this problem go step by step with me i'm a little computer illiterate....act like your talking to a 5 year old please :)

Thanks in advance for your help!!!


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Did you try the tip posted in another thread about your issue?

Try to remove old exceptions about uT and add new ones relative to your current version.

And about your dL/UL problem, do you have the green circle in uT (systray)? Are active torrents not red?

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