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DHT nodes?


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I'm just curious about how many DHT nodes utorrent can handle?

I notice and have read the less connections you have it speeds up some.

Don't set your upload to unlimited for it will kill your download speed.

I have over 300 DHT nodes updating. I'm wondering what the limit it is? And if it effects the download or connections with other peers. If it does can it be controlled or changed?


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And if those 300 nodes are EACH connected to 100 other unique nodes as well?

If a search propagates just 4 hops out, it might reach 300 x 100 x 100 x 100 = 300,000,000 nodes.

All DHT does is try to find additional seeds and peers for the torrents you (and others) are on.

DHT coupled with Peer Exchange is even better, but BOTH are disabled on private torrents.

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