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download limited- dht waiting to log in


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Dear all,

uTorrent is refusing to work. I believe the problem is with the internal settings, not the firewall/ ISP.

I recently changed ISPs to move from 128 to 256 ADSL, my router is a US Robotics 9108, im runnin winXP sp2.

according to http://broadband.mpi-sws.org/transparency/bttest.php my ISP is not throttling my biTorrent connection. although in some cases they are blocking access to certain torrent sites.

my problem is simple; as of last week i was happily downloading @ great speeds, considering my max speed, it was going fine @ about 16kb/s, i can live with that, the max i should be getting with my new connection is 27kb/s. During the transition process i was bumped back down to dial-up, and its speed was constant @ 7.

Now, I am unable to get a thing out of uTorrent, I tried port-forwarding and ended up in a disaster as all my other programs refused to work. I wasnt forwarding before and see no reason to do so now.

I remember i had the very same problem the first time i tried out DSL here, i even contacted the ISP and they said we cannot help as you want to download, but in the end it worked, now i need that same miracle to re-occur. From memory, i believe it had something to do with utorrents preference settings, and not with the router, the firewall or any other hard/software.

If anyone can advise me on the internal settings of utorrent, i would most appreciate it.

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