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RSS feed updating problem


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Hey - before i get into this just gonna say I checked the guide and followed it to the letter, followed several video tutorials, as well as did an in depth search of past topics on this subject, with no success. If there is a comprehensive explanation on this and I missed it feel free to redirect me.

Having a problem with Rss feeds not updating. From all the information I have read, once I add the rss feed and put in the proper URL (used several as provided in utorrent rss guide) when I click on the feed my screen should be populated with possible feeds to download which I can then filter as required. This does not happen, the screen remains blank.

I noted that other users with this question were prompted to upgrade to the most recent edition, I have tried 1.8.1,.2 and now 1.8.3 beta to no avail. Any insight greatly appreciated, not sure if I am missing some settings, if my av/firewall blocking something (settings seem to be correct and I can download torrents as per usual) or what else might be going on


Vista user running Norton 2008

Thanks in advance.

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