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Toolbar missing....F4 & F8 not helping


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Not all the functions of the normal GUI are available in the WebUI (such as some F.. commands).

From: http://www.utorrent.com/webui-guide.php

Keyboard Shortcuts

* Ctrl + A: Select all rows (select a row in the list first)

* Ctrl + O: Show the form for adding a torrent

* Ctrl + P: Show the settings window

* Ctrl + Z: Deselect All

* Del: Remove torrent

* F2: Show the about window

* F4: Hide/show the toolbar

* F6: Hide/show the details pane

* F7: Hide/show the category list

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Here is a screenshot of what i get when I access the webUI from a remote computer (but still on my home network)

No toolbar and no General, Files, or Logger tabs below. What am I doing wrong?

UPDATE: Ok, I got it figured out. I had a guest account enabled for the uTorrent google gadget, and so when I connected to webUI remotely, all I got was the guest account.

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