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Popup if file is already present

Ver Greeneyes

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Here's the scenario:

1.) You start a torrent for a file that also has direct download, hoping to save the website bandwidth

2.) There aren't a lot of seeders, so you stop the torrent and download the file, intending to seed it after you're done

3.) You remove the .!ut file because it shouldn't be needed anymore (optional?)

4.) The file finishes and you start the torrent up

Expected behavior:

µTorrent checks the completed file and begins to seed (or in the unlikely case of corruption, leeches needed parts)

Actual behavior:

µTorrent deletes the file without asking, creates a new .!ut file and starts the download over

Proposed solution:

A window pops up when you start the torrent, asking you what should be done:

should the file be overwritten or renamed, should the equivalent file in the torrent be renamed, or should the file be checked to see if they're identical?

Whatever you decide to do, I hope the current unintuitive (and destructive) behavior is changed. Thanks for reading :)

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