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need advise.


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Hi Guys,

i appreciate if anyone could help mi on my problem. my torrent is not downlaoding and also in a very low speed. im 10mbs user. my download speed is at the max of 9.0 kbs. usually is always around 4 to 6 kbs, sometimes it wont even start downloading.

under the seeds column it is always 0(236) and peers column is 0(1086), the digit in the bracket is always quite high but i always get digit 0 out of them.

The icon is below is always yellow.

i have off upnp, added utorrent in my exception in window firewall.

i tried to open port, but unable to do. im using 2700HG-D 2 Wire Modem. Follow exact as guide how to open up, but when i test , it is always unable to connect =[

any advise pls?

Sorry, im new to all this.

Thanks alot ^^

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Singnet in Singapore is one of the MOST hostile ISPs towards BitTorrent traffic in the world.

DISABLE: UPnP, NAT-PMP, LPD, DHT (both kinds!), and Resolve IPs (right-click in PEERS window on an active torrent).

Keep Peer Exchange enabled...it should be encrypted if your peer/seed connections are encrypted.

Choose FORCED encryption outgoing, and disable legacy (unencrypted) connections incoming.

You might want to experiment with allowing incoming legacy (unencrypted) connections to see if that's a little faster.

For even more 'extreme' hiding tricks:


(Note: My post immediately following that one explains what settings in uTorrent are similar to the Azureus ones.)

You don't really have a 10 megabit/second connection -- doubtful it even reaches 80% of that on download outside of peak evening hours. And your upload is likely tiny at best.

2nd link in my signature lists uTorrent settings based on max UPLOAD.

You may need to reduce global and per-torrent max connections very low as well...such as 20 or fewer max!

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i see.. by the way, i uninstall utorrent 1.8.2 and installed 1.7.5 version. and it is working in moderate speed.

probably purely coincidental. It may be your ISP's "random" throttling was less during your v1.7.5 use. Or maybe just maybe your settings are used less aggressively when using v1.7.5.

Your torrents can change drastically from hour to hour, so it's very hard to get more than Open Office as a standard benchmark.

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