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Firewall and spyware problems


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Hi.I'm kinda new here so i hope i've posted this in the right place..could really use some help here.

I've had utorrent installed for quite some time now and its never given me problems,changed the settings as according to this http://www.johntp.com/2006/04/19/how-to-increase-download-speeds-of-utorrent/

and i've patched using LvlLord's Event ID 4226 Patcher..Never had the windows firewall turned on or any other firewall and it was never an issue until recently.

Now whenever i leave the pc without a firewall,even when i dnt use it for anything, the pc gets infected with a trojan "spyware.onlinegames" and unless i use malwarebytes to remove it before i shut down the pc, i cant log back into windows..even in safe mode and have to format and reinstall windows.

so i've had to keep up a firewall now and as long as it stays on i have no problems with that.i've tried zone alarm,sygate and at present im using outpost firewall.

my problem is that when the firewall is turned on it decreases my download speeds dramatically.I've tested it and found that it is indeed the firewall that blocks a lot of the utorrent traffic.

With the firewall turned off i get average speeds of around 32kb/s..but with outpost(and the other firewalls that i've mentioned)turned on i get average speeds of around 10kb/s, even after allowing full access to utorrent.

so can any1 please help me with this? id really like to have utorrent not limited by the firewalls so i can get better download speeds.Or is there any better firewall that wont slow down utorrent download speeds?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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