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Torrents Within Your OWN HOUSE Network.


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I'm not sure if the Subject title make a sense. What i'm seeking for may sound simple and may have addressed before but I can't seem to navigate it.

My first question is: Can I host a *.torrent within my home network and allow others JUST WITHIN my network to use uTorrent and download just like I would make it public? I understand windows has Shared-Folder and Drive-Mapping, but my intension is this.

I had a friend who downloaded a same torrent with 90% completion, and I had 83% completetion. I want to bring my laptop over and connect to his network then synchronize both of our file and hope it can exchange the missing packges with the end result of 99%. The torrent is now has no one seeding and we ended up downloading with a few hundred kilobyte per day. We did check the file blocks comparision and it looks like we have different packages.

Please let me know if it is possible how would i go about doing so.


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You can do that more simple. If it's the same .torrent (same announce and hash), you can try to add your friend to peer tab (and vice versa). Right click on peer tab and add a peer (IP:port).

Another solution if the previous one fails.

Edit the .torrent (saved by default in %appdata%\utorrent) with freeware BEncode Editor and change the announce with public one like http://open.tracker.thepiratebay.org:80/announce . Then send this new .torrent to your friend, and you both load this torrent in uT. So you can share and complete the torrent easily.

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Thanks Moggly, I will difinitely will try that out. Since i've already asked, this is a matter of curiousity. Will BEncode Editor enable to work and if I change the accounce to a network ip address rather than the public tracker above? Basically i'm going to back to my old question, if were to connect my machine to the existing home network. I'm still reading but haven't gotten anything show up to what i'm seeking for.

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When editing .torrent files, any changes to the info dictionary will change the .torrent file's infohash. (cf Ultima's thread).

Anyway announce(s) is(are) excluded from info dictionary so you can do what you want (remove all the list, add new announces etc...). So yes you can add embeded tracker with your IP.


Torrent contains an "embedded tracker" intended for people wishing to share with a small group for a short period of time. This should not be used for sharing torrent over public or private sites, but only for private stuff and over short periods of time (along the lines of family movies shared with friends and such).

* The embedded tracker URL is: http://your_ip_address:port/announce (where your ip is your computer's ip address and port is Torrent's listening port)

* The embedded tracker must be enabled in: Torrent menu > options > preferences > Advanced > bt.enable_tracker: set to "true".

Warning: Using the embedded tracker requires you to have the same IP address and the same port as long as the torrent is active. This means if you use a dynamic IP and randomized port and get disconnected from the internet, your IP and port will get reset, and the torrent will die.

Anyway if your data are not private, I think a public announce is better especially if you want to share anywhere else and just finish the torrent download.

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  • 2 months later...

I know it has been a while but never got the chance to try it out.

Here is my setup through Crossover Cat-5e cable

Laptop-Mine with Ethernet IP-Address (my laptop)

Laptop-His with Ethernet IP-Adrdress (my friend laptop)

I'm considering this file setup is for private sharing. I followed this site here to setup the IP-address http://www.home-network-help.com/set-ip.html

The tracker layout is suggested above is: http://your_ip_address:port/announce

So technically, according to the info above I have two static IP addresses.

Now i have:


Because I wasn't sure what "port" number to use or what is the listening port is, on WindowXP I open "cmd" under Start->Run and type "netstat -an"

List of IP shows up and I found two192.168.1.19:137 and

So i have a complete tracker as: and one for port: 138

On "Laptop-Mine" I Right-Click on the active torrent and choose "Properties" and added "" did the same thing with "Laptop-His" with this tracker Basically, his torrent has mine tracker and I had his. The download does not start on either Laptops.

Did I configure everything correct here?


I even went an extra step for testing purposes, was that creating a new torrent for a mall PDF file. The tracker is "Laptop-His" being the seeder. I copied the *.torrent and loaded to "Laptop-Mine" but no result.

I am sure that connection between these two computers are working because we have network drives and it is accessible.

Please any input would be greatful

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The port number for the tracker is the same port you listen in on for torrents. 137/138/139 are Windows service ports.

ONLY one IP either 14 or 19 needs to be set as the tracker for all your LAN torrents. Ideally after starting the torrents, with that tracker, both local peers would be discovered (as long as you have local peers enabled) without contacting the tracker. However if that doesn't work, you get the tracker announcing both of your IP:PORT combinations to both clients which will allow connections that way.

Edit: Regarding your duplicate thread.

Normal Cat5e/6 cables are required when you run with a router or switch in between. Direct connection requires a crossover cable due to the inverting of the data pins, send is receive on the other end.

As far as configuring, if you setup the tracker on one torrent to be the IP:PORT you configured on Laptop-A. Then either the peers will connect to eachother via Local Peers, or via tracker announce.

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It works, use same port number as the port number found in uTorrent.

One problem, one of the laptop reboot after 20-30secs after the downloading started. What is the cause of the rebooting? Does it has anything to do with the maximum download and upload speed? I tried to config that but the rule doesn't seem to follow with private through Cat 5e I guess.

I'm even more frustrate now.

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Rebooting can/is ususally the result of drivers. Double check there are no updated drivers for the WLAN AND LAN portions of the NIC chipsets. Check both your motherboard mfg. and the OEM for your laptop, if available, if not the chipset manufacturer (for Intel do a google search "site:intel.com MY CHIPSET")

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I think I'll start googling for the driver perhaps i might find the fix. For temporary, and it seems to be stable if I just mark the seeding files as "Don't Download".



How can I config to do the same thing with XP and Linux, i'm using Distro BackTrack3. On BackTrack3 it has a program called WINE installed and it allows to run Windows Binary programs *.exe on Linux. I had the eth0 enabled and the IP configured but uTorrent cant seem to make the connection. I've verified on Linux Shell that I can see XP IP Address. (eth0 is LAN card on Linux). I've browsed the site I dont' believe there is a uTorrent version for Linux. Linux is quite new to me, in technical terms I really dont have.

IP was configured and enabled by these commands:

ifconfig eth0 netmask

ifconfig eth0 on

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Great, thanks GTHK I'll start with that link.

While I was looking for Linux LiveCD it seems lots of people are recommending that. Is it a big risk to my computer by using this Linux system? I just want to start off for some basic Linux command. The other high rated system is distribute by Ubuntu i think that what its called, should I be using this instead?

Thanks you all again, you guys has been a great help. This has helped me to have a broader view of how torrent P2P files sharing works over the home network and over the net.

I'm now beginning to question how uTorrent work as a delivery and receiving guys from each end. How does it knows which packages to request, my guest is randomize. If it were randomly does this then how can a torrent stay alive, it must be some statistic equation implemented to spread the packages thru out so everyone has a bit of something if there are 20peers. And say the seeder decided to opt-out then the completed original file can be found among that 20peers with chunks of useful data.

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IC, you got me worried for a second there hehe.

Ok, looked up the WineHQ.com and there has been a new released version, but I don't think out of dated version is the explanation for not support a simple function such as this. I will have to find out how I can update it to a newer version of WINE and try it again.

But for the moment: I pull up the uTorrent "Logger" tab on WINE and it has some error messages below.

[2009-05-26 09:52:12] TCP bind failed (10048) Error 10048

[2009-05-26 09:52:12] IPv6 installed

[2009-05-26 09:52:12] Error opening Windows firewall: 0x80070005 Error-2147024891

The first line "" don't know why it reads as it should have been the 192.168.1.X Is it trying to connect to my XP as IP ? The port 80 is the uTorrent listening port number. I know this because I manually config that port.

I'm not familiar with IPv6 is, but the 3rd line "Error opening Windows firewall" Is it trying to conect to windows XP but tt can't go through the "Windows Firewall"? If it is how can it do so if its trying to connect to IP ""?

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