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Is There A Problem With This Torrent


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So far I have used uTorrent to download a few torrents and I've uploaded quite a few, never a problem. It works very well.

But this torrent might be having a problem.

Usually what I do is upload a CD and set it to "inital seed." After 12 to 24 hours it goes very quickly, from just me as a seed, to like 20 or 50 seeds almost all at once, which I assume is normal. Then I remove "intial seed."

This has worked well.

I noticed after a 3 comments from people they wrote, "stuck at 97.4%. So I spent awhile today looking at the torrent and it does appear no one is able to climb past 97.4%. I watch the "peer" section of uTorrent and if a peer has 90% (or any lower number), they steadily increase without problem then at 97.4 they get disconnected and that seems to be it.

The torrent consists of two CD and each CD has 10 files. So I suppose not everyone is downloading every file but still I doubt it should be consistantly 97.4%.

My data shows:

Size: 341MB

Status: Seeding

Seeds: 0(3)

Peers 5(198)

Upload 3.60GB

Ratio: 11.739

Avail: 1.974

I guess I should just delete it and start over, but I've uploaded over 3.6 GB on a 341mb file (total).

Since it does have seeds, I will assume some people got the whole thing, though I realize that seed isn't always accurate.

When I look under the General Tab:

Wasted: 0b (0 hashfails)

Pieces: 630 x 512 kB (have 630)

I've never seen any other torrent stall, but I will say, all the other torrents I've uploaded have been smaller than 100mb and most have under 100 peers. They quickly go up to around 100 and after I get that large number of peers to switch to seeds, they fall off quick and then the number of peers goes down to like 5 or so. So it seems everyone who wants it, gets it fast.

I don't download more than two files because the ones I download are usually over 1G. And those work fine, and they download very well.

Before I start over on this one, any suggestions:


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Yes, I went to the torrent, right clicked, and went to "Open Containing Folder," and there are all the files. I even went into each file and played them, and they all play.

I right clicked on the file in Explore and it says 314mb for the size of the folder. And that is the exact size that uTorrent has listed.

So all the files are in order.

I have gotten no error messages from uTorrent. When I click on the torrent I can see the tab Files towrad the bottom half and all the files in that torrent are reading 100%.

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OH OK that is what you mean by re-check. I wasn't familiar with that term. I thought you wanted me to recheck the torrent meaing to physically inspect it.

What I did yesterday was stop everything on uTorrent and then start only that particular torrent. I noticed this morning the number of seeds went from 0(3) to 0(4) so I guess it is working, it's just taking a long time.

I will do as DWK suggests stop the torrent, right click and choose force -> recheck.



OK I did this and it seems that certain files are at issue.

The torrent went into the download column and says I only have 306MB of 314MB, so can I fix this? Or should I just remove the torrent and start over.

I guess I'll check my other torrents too

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yes these are mp3s

No there are no thumbs.db files on my computer at all

I right click on the torrent and go to "open containing folder" and it gives me 314MB and then two subfolders labled disc 1, disc 2

(disc 1 = 161MB 18 files) (disc 2 = 153MB 16 files)

I don't see any other files in that folder. Windows is set to show all files. So there are no hidden folders. I have not moved or touched this folder at all. Nor have I moved or touched any of the files.

When I look at the file tab on uTorrent all the incompleted files are from disc2 files. Each range from 93% to 97% complete.

I guess I don't get why if I have the files the torrent now says I don't have what I have on the file. I created the torrent.

I will say I checked my other torrents. A few other torrents, I also created had similar losses. Fortunately all those had other seeders so I was able to just download the missing parts.

This one doesn't. Everyone is stuck on the missing parts. When I did the recheck, everyone listed as a seed disappeared.

BTW I am running Windows Vista sp1. All the patches are up to date.

And other than this uTorrent has given me no issues.

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OK so is this a glitch with uTorrent? Is there a work around or can you just not use uTorrent to start a torrent, if you use Windows?

I started a brand new torrent today and now 10 hours later I stopped and did a force re-check and it say I, the originator only have 98% of the files. The file tab says I'm missing bits off each file. It's a CD with 10 songs. Each of the song (file) is missing a bit.

I have not used any of the files.

Windows Media re-tagging files, doesn't seem to fit, as why is it only tagging certain files on a CD. Wouldn't it tag ALL of them? How come some torrents I create and upload are fine after two months and others aren't. How come they upload fine for awhile. Then suddenly go corrupt.

I created a torrent, it was corrupted. Then I just recreated it and I uploaded it, same data, and it uploaded fine. Was completed and shows seeders

If it was a Windows Media re-tag issue there should be some kind of consistancy. Shouldn't there?

I've checked my RAM and with a CD type program memtest86 and there are no errors. I have run diagnostics and scandisk and that shows no errors.

So my computer seems to be OK

I was thinking, I notice when I click the file tab of these torrents that I start and now show less, the files always show the red (indicating missing) at the beginning and end of each file.

I was wondering could be caused by people only choosing certain files (songs) and not the whole torrent? I noticed when I download a torrent (of someone else) of say 10 songs and I only choose, one, when the torrent completes, it always shows blue on the file I chose and a small bit of blue on the next file (song).

Any other ideas?

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