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Utorrent major speed problems


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Hi im having major problems with my utorrent.

My ISP = TalkTalk

Speedtest = 7.5MB

Port 13456 = Open according to utorrent etc

have a green tick

Enable upnp and Nat = Disabled

firewall exception on

enable dht network and for new torrents = deticked

legacy connections deticked but outgoing encyption ticked

i have a huwei HG520s router, anything i should do on the DHT Nat pages or anything, ive portforwarded it on portforward.com btw and the port is open, just enquring.

*Stupid Of Me But i followed an advanced settings on youtube, hasnt made it better or worse i think but it would be great if someone can give me some recommended settings for an 8mb connection or the default advanced settings back.


This picture shows i am connected to over 100 seeders on some torrents, a little while later im connected to over 50 on all of them, some still 100 seeders etc etc......so nothing wrong with me finding the trackers and stuff, but the speeds are terrible. 1 torrent sometimes lingers around 30 kbs then goes to 5 kbs and now theyre all at 5-10 kbs, its horrendeous im pulling my hair out here so some1 please help me

Your Sincerely


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Strangely, I show you as on "Opal Telecom DSL" in Great Britain.

No matter...your ISP (or who they're getting internet from) is throttling BitTorrent traffic.

DISABLE: UPnP, NAT-PMP, LPD, DHT (both kinds!), and Resolve IPs (right-click in PEERS window on an active torrent).

Keep Peer Exchange enabled...it should be encrypted if your peer/seed connections are encrypted.

Choose FORCED encryption outgoing, and disable legacy (unencrypted) connections incoming.

You might want to experiment with allowing incoming legacy (unencrypted) connections to see if that's a little faster.

Lowering global and per-torrent connection max to 60 OR LESS may help marginally as well.

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